About Us

Indy Game Developers:

Our mission began in August, 2020, deep in the abyss known to some as Rona Times.

What does dance with the devil mean? Does it mean that we’re devil worshipers? Or that we like to live haphazardly and dangerously? Maybe that’s what it means to some people. To me it symbolizes a method of examining the aspects of life that aren’t always appealing or fun to deal with. It’s an effort to help people understand and accept the worst parts of themselves without drowning in negativity. You’ll notice this effort in our games. The big studios and development companies could never make the games we do. We don’t have to make games that are popular, appealing, or socially acceptable. We aren’t constrained by a public image department.We have sufficient life experience to pass on some low key knowledge to gamers that pay attention and read between the lines, and we aren’t afraid to do it. This is what separates us from other game makers.