Cute Against The Machine

I released this game for a 3 hour game jam. Honestly, I can’t say for sure exactly how much time I’ve spent on this, but if it’s over the limit it isn’t by much. It’s made in #GDevelop,… Read More

Magician Defends Foundation 1.6

This was the first game I ever made, just a few months ago. I was surprised, coming back to it, how rough around the edges it was. I decided it was time for an update: Simplified on screen… Read More


This is a mini puzzle game with super cute graphics and a great soundtrack.

Inner Demons: Citybuilder

Very low fi for all of the minimalists I call it “Inner Demons: The 5-bit City Builder” I based this game around the idea that people are a lot like grapes. If you have a good strong vine,… Read More

Bat Follows the Path of the Bumblebee

This game simulates the experience of a bat flying in darkness. Use the particle effects to determine where the obstacles are and avoid them to make it to the end. This game is extremely challenging. To the best… Read More

Atlas Balancing Act

In this game you take on the role of Atlas: with the world on your shoulders, can you balance your needs and wants without losing hold of what’s most important? Attributions Atlas: Public Domain, beam: jeremy woods… Read More

Magician Defends Foundation

In this game, you use courage, will, and patience to combat dark clouds like anxiety and doubt.