Cute Against The Machine

I released this game for a 3 hour game jam. Honestly, I can’t say for sure exactly how much time I’ve spent on this, but if it’s over the limit it isn’t by much.

It’s made in #GDevelop, and comes in at just under 1mb.

The flowers and animals in this project come from

The police character was pieced together with

You play as a handicapped person, or a cripple, depending on your level of political correctness. Using love and happiness, defeat Gender Roles and Police Brutality.

The sky ahead is red and foreboding; the sky behind is a pretty soft blue color. Adversaries drop out of the sky in front of you, but in your wake it’s nothing but flowers, kittens, puppy dogs, and rainbows.

Use the up button to accelerate. Use space bar to shoot.


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