Inner Demons Dungeon Crawl

This is not only a game, it’s also an experiment in behavioral science.

Face Your Inner Demons

Utilize Trust, Faith, and Hope. Acquire abilities like Independence, Compassion, and Intuition and face off against the darkest adversaries out there: things like Challenge, Ridicule, Doubt, and Struggle. Discover if you act in the interest of self or the interest of others. Grow your Courage, Will, Patience, and Resilience until you’re ready for anything.

Play Online

Simple controls:

  • up – move forward
  • left – turn left
  • right – turn right
  • down – move backwards
  • 1 – save
  • F1 – load
  • Y – confirm
  • N – decline

Current known bugs:

I’ve been fighting a display bug getting the npcs to display properly. For some reason, it wants to place them slightly below the desired perspective. The best I’ve been able to do is adjust the Y position depending on distance from player, which helps but it still isn’t quite right. There’s also some areas of the map that are incomplete (waiting for the next update) where the player can walk off the map. Also a a few display bugs that will be easy to fix that cause text to appear outside the area where it’s supposed to.

Planned updates:

  • choice of left handed/right handed controls
  • choice of on screen controls (for mobile)
  • more npcs, skills, and adversaries
  • new tilesets for different layers of dungeons

This should be considered a pre-alpha stage game distributed for feedback purposes. It is playable but you should expect to find bugs. Other feedback, like improving the relationships between skills and adversaries is also welcomed.


Programming: base formulas for displaying walls in pseudo 3d by Mikhail Pomaskin

base wall graphics modified from the originals by Mikhail Pomaskin
faceless npc: CC0
beggar: CC0
samurai: CC-BY-SA 3.0
emporer: CC0
valkyrie, sage: CC-BY-NC
judge: CC0
ninja: free for non commercial use:
clown: Svetlana Kushnariova×32-characters-with-faces-big-pack CC-BY-3.0
Monsters:×32-tiles Dungeon Crawl Soup CC0

1st Caveloop: CC0
2nd caveloop: CC-BY-4.0
Test scenes: CC-BY-3.0

Sound effects: CC0 CC0

Thanks for trying.

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